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Audition materials checkup

- Evaluation and suggestions regarding your videos, curriculum, repertoire, and photos

- 1 hour Q&A session

- 1 written follow-up on your new video recordings

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The checkup can help when...
  • You have problems with auditions

  • You are not sure about your current level

  • You obtain good results when you sing live but have problems with the preselection

  • You want to enter a specific educational program with very strict requirements

  • You have doubts about your repertoire

  • You are planning to record come new videos

After the checkup...

You will have a pdf file created for you, in which you will find:

  • Feedback on your existing videos: if you can use them now, and what could go wrong, if they didn’t get you through the preselection

  • Advice on how to record new videos, considering the mistakes you had in your previous recordings

  • Suggestions regarding your existing CV: which misspellings you will need to correct, how to make your CV more structured, which information to add or to cut. 

  • My advice on the CV type that fits your situation the best, links to the structured CV template and the examples of different CV types

  • Feedback on your online presence: suggestions on your website (the structure, media, texts), suggestions on your Youtube channel (which videos you should hide, for example)

  • Suggestions on the photos you send to the selections

  • Advice on the repertoire to use for the recordings and live-auditions


  E. contacted me for an Audition materials checkup. She is a singer ready to launch her career, with a very good social media presence, a nice website, and videos that show her voice beautifully but are dated 2018. She also had doubts about her CV: she didn’t know whether she needed to choose an artistic CV or a structured one.

- I took a look at all the videos of E.: the ones that she sent me and the ones she had on Youtube. I’ve noticed a disturbing problem: in most of the videos, I saw the microphone before her, and the other one pointed towards the piano. It meant that the recording’s sound could be edited in the post-production. This is strictly prohibited by most serious-level competitions, so it was important to me to insist that the new recordings are made with the use of only 1 microphone, preferably outside the video caption area. We’ve also discussed the repertoire for her new videos: I’ve suggested doing one Mozart aria, one aria from verismo, and one Belcanto aria, all of them from her already existing repertoire that she knows well.

- I took a look at E.’s CV, saw a couple of misspellings, and corrected them- in her case, it was easier for me to correct than to tell her how to do it. I’ve also retouched a little bit the structure of the CV, putting the titles of opera in italic, and the roles in bold, so it became easier to read. I’ve corrected a couple of sentences to make them enhance E.’s experience better. Also, I’ve suggested that she uses the structured CV because she already has enough experience and it will be much easier to read for the future jury or agents. I gave her the link to my structured CV template, so she can do it on her own. 

- I’ve controlled her YouTube channel and her website: there were some misspellings too, so I pointed them out and gave her the correct version of texts. Also, there was another problem: one of the videos on the website didn’t work because it had a limited access function: I’ve pointed on that too.

- I’ve presented my work during our zoom meeting, explaining all the things that I’ve mentioned. We’ve talked about video recordings to record, to show, and to hide, and we’ve spent the rest of our time talking about a possible strategy for her career. In her case, debuting in Italy would be a great boost to her career in her country, so we’ve talked about the possibilities to find free of charge or low-cost opera studios for that matter, and, obviously, about the competitions and auditions that may help her find an agent or a job. I loved that we could share our opinions on the juries, and this talk was very useful to me too.

Now E. is preparing to record her new videos. Her online presence is cleaner, she updated her website and continues to have a great social media presence. E. was very excited when I gave her access to my channel. She is still using it with great pleasure.


Q: I am not sure about my level. Can you listen to my recording and give me feedback?

A: Yes. During the audition materials check-up, I will evaluate which are your strong and weak sides, which can be your Unique Selling Point, and tell you which type of opportunities is the best for your level


Q: I am planning to record some new videos. Is it better to have an audition materials checkup after I do the recordings?

A: I strongly advise having a checkup before recording any new videos. In this way, we can analyze the mistakes that you possibly had before, and fix them before a recording session. After you record the new pieces according to my suggestions, I will take a look at them and give my feedback.


Q: I don’t have enough information to put in my CV. What should I do?

A: We can start with taking a look at what you already have, and then decide whether this information is already enough and just needs some fixing that you can do by yourself with my suggestions, or it is better to rewrite everything. In this case, you may consider the CV creation service.


Q: Do you advise on the repertoire and technique?

A: Only a very general one. My credo is not to harm in any possible way. I am not the vocal coach or a teacher, so I won’t interfere with your path of vocal studies. I will give my general opinion on the matter. Regarding the repertoire, I will suggest which pieces from your already existing repertoire may represent you the best to the jury.


Q: Will we be able to talk about my online appearance?

A: Yes, if you will ask me, I will give my feedback on your website and social media profile. The thing that will interest me the most will be the videos in this case - in case an agent or a casting manager searches for you online.


Q: I don’t know if I have a chance to get a career as a singer. Can you help me understand whether I should quit?

A: Yes and no. I strongly believe that no one should advise about quitting. I don’t have the God complex to tell who will be successful and who won’t. My experience shows that there are people that started their serious career at the age of 40. So I don’t respond to this type of question. But I can give you the instruments for your self-evaluation and growth, together with honest answers to all your other questions: in this way, you will decide by yourself whether you want to continue or not.


Q: In which languages can we talk?

A: We can talk in English. Italian or Russian.

Q: Can we talk about non-Italian opportunities?

A: I specialize in Italian opportunities. I can take a quick look at the program you want to ask me about, but I am more comfortable and secure talking about the Italian market. Many things are the same in all countries, but when comes to the evaluation, I want to be cautious


Q: I was admitted to the paid program, and want to know your opinion about it. Can you do that?

A: If this program is in Italy, yes. If it is in another country, I can give you some general tips about the evaluation of paid programs.


Q: Can you help me with the list of documents to obtain my visa/permit of stay?

A: I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t think that my consulting is un ultimate solution for that. But I can give you some general information about the solutions that can fit your situation - for example, which opportunities permit you to stay in Italy for a long time, and how you can use them.

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