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Complete consult

- 30 minutes of objectives&strategy meeting

- Audition materials check-up

- Preparation of a list of Italian opera studios, private teachers, masterclasses, and other educational or career opportunities

- 1 hour Q&A session

- Written follow-up

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Complete consult can help when...
  • You are finishing your education path, and don’t know what to do next

  • You consider studying or building your career in Italy

  • You want to be heard by the agents and the casting managers

  • You are confused because there are too many opportunities

  • You want to enter an Italian YAP

  • You want to find opportunities that fit your actual level

  • You want to debut in Italy

  • You are looking for an Italian education with good value

  • You think that the only way to debut are pay-to-sings

After the Complete Consult...

You will have a pdf file created for you, in which you will find:

  • The key points of your short- and midterm strategy

  • The list of the opportunities that may be useful for you, featuring the dates, place, price, perks, the jury/key figures, audition program, and links for the application/additional info. Every opportunity will also have an explanation of why it fits you, and what can you get from there.

  • Feedback on your existing videos: if you can use them now, and what could go wrong, if they didn’t get you through the preselection

  • Advice on how to record new videos, considering the mistakes you had in your previous recordings

  • Suggestions regarding your existing CV: which misspellings you will need to correct, how to make your CV more structured, which information to add or to cut. 

  • My advice on the CV type that fits your situation the best, links to the structured CV template and the examples of different CV types

  • Feedback on your online presence: suggestions on your website (the structure, media, texts), suggestions on your Youtube channel (which videos you should hide, for example)

  • Suggestions on the photos you send to the selections

  • Advice on the repertoire to use for the record and live-auditions

  You will also receive a 1 year access to the private Telegram channel with the list of Italian opportunities selected by me.

The list of opportunities may include:

private teachers

music schools

music academies


opera studios





Timeline_Cycle (2).png
You contact me
You send me your audition materials 
We have the strategy meeting via Zoom during which we talk about your objectives and goals
I send you an invoice, and you proceed with the payment
I examine your materials and evaluate them
I create a presentation of my work with all the suggestions, strategy and the list of the opportunities that I find useful for you
I present you my work and explain all the information that I’ve mentioned in the presentation; we talk about other aspects that may interest you
I send you the PDF file with my presentation. I also give you the access to the private Telegram channel with the list of Italian opportunities selected by me
When you record videos according to my suggestions, you send them to me. I send you my opinion on them in the written form
We can talk about...

- Italian educational opportunities: Conservatoires, private teachers, academies, opera studios, masterclasses, young artists programs. How do they work, how to choose the right one, how much do they cost, and where to search for them

- Italian career opportunities: how to get the agent and the auditions for the theaters; how to choose the right competition

- Audition materials: which audition materials do you need and why

- Social media for the self-promotion

- Some visa and permit of stay aspects


B. is 24 years old, and she is a light lyric soprano. She has some technical problems and doesn’t know how she can resolve them without losing too much time. On the other hand, she has a quite good CV, with enough experience. She is also struggling between baroque and opera repertoire. 

- First, we had a nice conversation with B. During this conversation, she confessed to me her concerns, and underlined her repertoire dilemma: she wanted to know which style should she focus on. 

- I took a look at her videos and was stunned: her baroque interpretations didn’t show any technical problems that were clear in Mozart arias, for example.

For B., I’ve recommended:

- Focusing on baroque music professionally, so I’ve included a couple of highly specialized teachers, and courses that will permit her to understand the details of this repertoire better (and, probably, give her the opportunities to perform)

- Stopping any kind of small chamber music gigs, because they take too much of her time, that should be spent on studying

- Some private teachers and educational opportunities that may help her with her technique issues.

- I’ve also recommended some changes in her CV and her website, corrected misspellings, and gave suggestions about her CV’s structure. 


  After our consult the 2nd wave of Covid hit, so B. is still waiting for a better period to come to Italy. Even though some masterclasses and educational opportunities expired, B. will find other programs with my help. She was provided with access to the Telegram channel, so she will be able to pick the opportunities that are similar to the ones I’ve recommended to her. For now, she is focusing on baroque music in her own country. 


Q: I am getting my bachelor’s degree, and don’t know what to do next. Can you help?

A: Yes! We will evaluate your level, understand your long-, medium-, and short-term goals. Then we will build a strategy that will help you achieve them, and I will provide you a list of the opportunities that will fit this strategy.


Q: How do you select the opportunities?

A: I have a database that I’ve gathered from my own research. Once I have an idea of the sort of program that you may need, I select them from my database, considering your goals, budget, age, and level.


Q: Among these opportunities, are there pay-to-sings?

A: Only if your level, situation, and strategy require it. 


Q: Do you get paid by the organizations to recommend their programs?

A: No.


Q: I want to debut in Italy. Which programs will you recommend to me?

A: I will take a look at your current level, budget, and overall situation; then we will choose together what you would like to include in the list. In this case, the choice will be between paid and free of charge opera studios, YAPs, selected competitions, and auditions.


Q: I am specializing in baroque music. Can you help me?

A: Yes, I know the main baroque opportunities and teachers in Italy.


Q: Is there a guarantee that I will be admitted to the program you recommended to me?

A: Guaranteeing something like this is a fraud. I don’t do that: I give you instruments that will increase your chances, but your success is in your hands. 

Q: In which languages can we talk?

A: We can talk in English. Italian or Russian.

Q: Can we talk about non-Italian opportunities?

A: I specialize in Italian opportunities. I can take a quick look at the program you want to ask me about, but I am more comfortable and secure talking about the Italian market. Many things are the same in all countries, but when comes to the evaluation, I want to be cautious


Q: I was admitted to the paid program, and want to know your opinion about it. Can you do that?

A: If this program is in Italy, yes. If it is in another country, I can give you some general tips about the evaluation of paid programs.


Q: Can you help me with the list of documents to obtain my visa/permit of stay?

A: I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t think that my consulting is un ultimate solution for that. But I can give you some general information about the solutions that can fit your situation - for example, which opportunities permit you to stay in Italy for a long time, and how you can use them.

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