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Find out the easiest way to create your CV and artistic bio by yourself


Unlike many loyal, but inexperienced friends' suggestions, YOSCA's recommendations are for real: they are not just random €5k
pay-to-sings advertisements but verified insights or
professionals-proved programs.

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Get offers, connections, and skills,
by accessing Italy's most prospective opportunities. No more scrolling websites and paying huge fees for pay-to-sings without debut and competitions without the prizes.

Instead of spam-mails or sponsored digests, get valuable options right on your phone in a private Telegram channel. I verify all auditions thanks to the experience and the expertise I gained working in cultural promotions at La Scala, external relations at Regio Torino and at InArt agency. 


I personally pick every option.
I calculate the daily price for master classes and opera studios.
Also, I check the juries, so I only post the contests with the ones that can offer the jobs. If I am not sure about the option, I contact the alumni and double-check. 

IMAGE 2021-07-18 19_40_26.jpg
  • 10-25 options a month

  • Deadlines, fees, professors etc. in the preview

  • Friendly hashtag system: easy to find age limits, opportunity types, and scholarships

  • Additional infos like the required language skills and feedback

  • Deadline notification right in your phone

  • All in basic English: no long copies, just most important points

  • Telegram channel messages format: simple, accessible, agile and mobile

  • Verified auditions picked by me

Subscription options
To benefit more from the Aggregator,
try these services:
  • find the answers to your questions on opera education&career

    Read More

    45 min

    30 euros
  • evaluation and suggestions on your portfolio

    Read More

    1 hr

    75 euros
  • from no resume to 3 CVs + bonus: feedback on your videos and tips

    Read More

    1 hr

    75 euros
  • Webinar | Portfolio improvement for opera singers 9th December, 17.00

    Read More
    20 euros
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