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How to plan a singer's year

It’s time to plan your year as a singer! Read this post to set yourselves goals and know how to achieve them.

Recently I’ve been asked how to bullet journal your singing career. Actually, there were two requests: by soprano S.M. and bass B.N., so to make it easier and winterish, let's call them Snow Maiden and Babbo Natale (Italian Santa Claus).

The first thing we’ve discussed was that the plan was not something stable, it was gonna change: conservatories and competitions reschedule deadlines, opera studios and summer schools offer new opportunities, so you have to modify the plan adding options and updates.

Let’s see how a pro and a beginner can plan their year:

Evaluate yourself Ask professionals you trust about what you are ready to do and what is still too early for you. Babbo talked to directors, conductors, and coaches he’s worked with. Snowmaiden asked her teachers and pianists.

Set a measurable goal Do not try to pursue unachievable goals. Following professionals' opinions choose an aim that suits your current level, so you don’t waste your time and energy on things that distract you from progressing and succeeding. For Babbo Natale, an attainable aim is a local competition and not an international one, and to Snowmaiden teachers said that she should apply to a minor conservatory.

Prioritize Once you've identified the main goal, take care of minor ones. For example, Babbo wants to win a competition, an additional goal for him is a master class by an opera star or an important audition. And Snowmaiden could sharpen her voice at a master class or try a short program at a chosen institution.

Determine steps Create a step by step plan. Think of all the things you have to do prior to access to an audition: submitting documents, learning new pieces, saving for trips and fees. Read regulations carefully, take notes, and create a wise action plan, so you wouldn't find out 2 days before an exam that you need a translated copy of your diploma. Snowmaiden is already working on diploma translation and Babbo is learning new pieces that are requested at one of the contests he’d chosen.

Schedule Fill out your calendar and set notifications. Write down submission and audition dates. Instead of memorizing deadlines, save the anticipated dates, so you'll give yourself a 10 days buffer in case if a document is lost during shipment or your pianist is ill and can't record a video with you. Babbo has saved 100 euros on early bird promotions!

Examine the plan Make ultimate corrections and get rid of excessive goals. Check if exams, auditions, and competitions dates conflict. If so, change plans prioritizing the main goal: Babbo Natale had to say "no" to singing a concert on the day of competition and Snowmaiden will not participate in a master class because of an entrance exam.

Note that your plan is to be revised and corrected during the year. I’ll give tips on how and when to reexamine it in an upcoming post.


Subscribe to aggregators like YAPtracker and and follow opera studios and competitions’ pages, so you won’t miss important dates and opportunities.-

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