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How to write a singer's CV: format&content

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Read this post to discover how many CVs a singer needs and what to put in them.

There are 3 resume formats: structured, artistic, and short. For an international career, each of them should be translated into English, and for Italy also in Italian. Plus your mother tongue if you work in your home country, so yes, in total it’s 9.

Every CV type is for various occasions, so you put there the same information but in different ways. It’s better to prepare every single one of them in advance, so you don’t create a cheap version 5 secs before the deadline.

Here is a guide to all CV formats:

STRUCTURED RESUME is the one you use at auditions. It has various sections: name, voice type, education, experience, and contests. No texts or bio needed. Formally, it is not necessary to take it with you, but in one quick look, a jury member can get all the needed info about you. Italian agents and managers like it, so bring it to the auditions. If you don’t have much experience and your CV seems void, then you don’t need this format at the moment.

ARTISTIC CV is your bio. Basically, that is the text about you as an artist: from your studies and achievements to your professional interests. It is the most “universal” format, so you can send it anywhere and edit it when needed. Do not neglect it and write a good text: it’s what ends up at websites and concert programs.

The SHORT resume is the tricky one. Usually, it’s used when there’s not enough space to insert your artistic CV’s text, so editors shorten your “normal” full bio. Sometimes they get itwrong, so to avoid finding out new info about you while reading your concert program, make this shorten version by yourself and send it when needed. Just leave the highlights of your artist bio and write it clearly and simply.

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Now, questions, class. What formats do you have and in what languages?

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