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CV mistakes: things to remove

This is the last insight about the resume Maria Callas and I share in this blog (at least for now).

I’ve been posting the CV advice for about a month, and it seems like I’ve said it all about what to write in your resume. The only thing to do now is to suggest what to remove from it:

• Voice description

Do not explain your voice type and do not comment on your voice quality: the jury board is to decide whether you are a light lyric baritone with a warm rich color.

• Personal qualities and skills

Being punctual, responsible, and good at sight-reading is a rule, not an exception, so do not mention it. Even if you have any extraordinary gifts, better show them at audition than put them in your CV.

• Teacher’s status and position

Do not write something like: “I’ve studied with Maria Callas, Metropolitan Opera soloist”. Professionals know all the significant names, so no need to clarify. If they don’t know, then it’s not that important.

Also, do now mention the pianists you’ve worked with if it’s not Daniel Barenboim.

• Irrelevant information

It’s nice if you have a degree in IT, but leave it to yourself, here non-music education doesn’t count. Same thing for choir and teaching jobs and bar gigs. If you’re applying for an opera role, then cut it. If you’re interviewing for choir, teaching, or gigging, then include it.

• Single arias and not debuted roles

In the CV you do not list the things you’ve learned, you list the roles you’ve sung, so the managers know if they can call you tomorrow and ask to sing it. Then again, this is not the repertoire, this is the experience section that proves that people have trusted you.

! Collect single arias and not premiered roles in a separated repertoire list.

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