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How to write a short CV + examples

In short, today I’d like to talk about a short CV: the most challenging type because one has to select the most important info and present it briefly but efficiently #yo_cv

This resume is for concert programs: there’s rarely enough space to use your artistic CV, so editors shorten it often misunderstanding and misrepresenting the facts. To avoid it, have a short resume “template”, so you can change it for every occasion.

WRITE THERE: • name and surname • awards and scholarships • past and future experience: what and where If you have collaborated or scheduled performances with important artists, list them

Make it a clear simple text with no complex phrasing.

The perfect size is from 200 characters without spaces (4 times smaller than this post) up to 200 words (slightly bigger than this post).

You can find the examples of short CVs under 200 characters and under 200 words here:

Artistic curriculum under 200 words Engl
Download • 779KB

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