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Videos: can they give you a job?

This post is about videos: where can they lead you and what opportunities do they open

The only thing to do now for your career (apart from voodoo rituals to destroy Covid) is to record a good audition video. Everyone says it’s a must but no one really knows to which extent it matters. So, here are my thoughts on the matter:

Makes a first impression, but doesn’t close the deal

Agents and managers eliminate non-desirable candidates via video selection. A video can't give you an offer, it is more like a zoom-job interview that can get you to a live meeting (audition).

If you want to participate in an online competition, videos can bring you money or enrich your curriculum, but important agents and managers do not participate in this kind of events, so do not expect an offer from La Scala.

Singers underestimate videos

Since I’ve started checking up singers’ videos I stopped watching thrillers, as I’ve seen horrible, horrible things! Some singers see videos as box-ticking hoping that the voice and skills will speak for them. It doesn’t work that way: the video worsens your image and sound, so to look good, you need to work hard. Consider it your business card.

So, a video is important because it helps you to get an audition call or to fill your resume with online opportunities, but it can’t bring you a job immediately.

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