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What's your goal?

Depending on whether you want to create your career here, you want study during your vacation or you aim to have an Italian experience to put in your resume, the steps that you might consider may be very different.

Know your level and your budget. At one point you will need to show yourself and think about auditions and competitions. If you don’t feel like your level is good enough, ensure that your coach is perfect for you. The good teacher will tell you when it is time to fly out from the nest; he will be also able to tell when you are ready to have some masterclasses. It is not guaranteed that the famous singer may give you the best coaching, but your curriculum will be importantly enhanced and you may get some really good connections. So make sure you are ready for the masterclass experience and choose the best.

Set your goals clearly, because the investments of time, money and effort you make are precious.

You might consider to visit Italy for short time, make some opera studio project, put it in you experience list and continue your promotion in another place. This way you will invest less in Italian education and more in your resume, and, if you choose a right place, will have some good contacts to work with.

Long-term investments in your Italian career are different. Be prepared to understand which opportunities are good to consider and which are not; there are a lot of studying and competition proposals, but, you need to know where to invest your money and time. Participation fees are high, so be cautious and study well the opportunities that you might get. Building an opera singer career in Italy is very difficult, but, as said by one of the artists constantly working with Riccardo Muti, if you make it in Italy, you’ll make it everywhere.

Understand perfectly your strong and weak sides; be aware of what you need to improve in order to become a better artist. Know yourself, your level, and your goals.

At the end, the most important ingredient in your success is you!

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