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What to wear at auditions

New auditions tips: insights on how to dress comfortably and properly. Read the post for general tips and see the gallery for the specifics on textures, materials, colors, and details.

No one would take a role from you because of a wrong outfit, but it helps to create a good impression. When the competition is high, between two singers of the same level, the jury board will choose the one who looks smarter and more professional. Here clothing can help, and this is what's important to know:

CRITERIA FOR CHOOSING Looking at you, agents have to be able to imagine you on stage and yet be concentrated on your performance and not on your acid pants or neckline. So make sure that the outfit suits these criteria. Also, your clothes are to be comfortable to wear, so you don’t worry to step over long pants or to breathe correctly on high heels.

DRESS CODE Go with festive attire, semi-formal, formal, after five, or dressy casual. If you choose a casual or a sporty look, it won’t correspond to the occasion: you’re at work. On the contrary, Black Tie, White Tie, and Creative Black Tie are not advisable: it’s not a concert, so wearing an evening outfit is too much. Also, it shows your unprofessionalism: if one has a lot of auditions, he would go all dressy on every single one of them.

Take advantage of winter sales: you can buy elegant party outfits at a discount, this is a nice option for auditions. This is my experience, not my opinion. Also, these rules work for Italy, not for other countries, and still, there is no one recipe.


Guys, have you ever got in trouble at an audition because of the wrong outfit?

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