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Why singer's CV is important

I check up singers’ CVs and some of them trigger my OCD and make me wanna cry, quit and repeat… So it seems like many artists do not understand the importance of a good resume, and I would like to explain it in this post.

Yes, actually when they ask for a resume they read it and make an opinion about you: agents and managers correlate your singing level with your experience. So, if you sing well but have a white sheet instead of a CV it can work against you: why such a good singer has a poor work history? What’s wrong?

Also, the opera world is small, so it is very likely that your interviewers know musicians you’ve worked with, and if you list them in your CV, “recruiters” may contact your ex-collaborators and ask few questions about you. Mind it in case you’ve quarreled with someone

Usually, names in the CV work for you: if professionals have trusted you, then the person you want to work with sees that one can rely on you. Sometimes it even influences the way people evaluate your singing: some unconsciously see a better singer in you if there’s a big name in your resume.

To sum it up, it doesn’t take a good CV to win a competition, but it can be a gamechanger when auditioning for an agency or a theater.

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