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evaluation and suggestions on your portfolio

  • 1 hour
  • 75 euros
  • Zoom session


- Evaluation and suggestions regarding your videos, curriculum, repertoire, and photos - 1 hour Q&A session - 1 written follow-up on your new video recordings The checkup can help when... - You have problems with auditions - You are not sure about your current level - You obtain good results when you sing live but have problems with the preselection - You want to enter a specific educational program with very strict requirements - You have doubts about your repertoire - You are planning to record come new videos After the checkup... You will have a pdf file created for you, in which you will find: - Feedback on your existing videos: if you can use them now, and what could go wrong, if they didn’t get you through the preselection - Advice on how to record new videos, considering the mistakes you had in your previous recordings - Suggestions regarding your existing CV: which misspellings you will need to correct, how to make your CV more structured, which information to add or to cut.  - My advice on the CV type that fits your situation the best, links to the structured CV template and the examples of different CV types - Feedback on your online presence: suggestions on your website (the structure, media, texts), suggestions on your Youtube channel (which videos you should hide, for example) - Suggestions on the photos you send to the selections - Advice on the repertoire to use for the recordings and live-auditions​

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