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CV writing

from no resume to 3 CVs + bonus: feedback on your videos and tips

  • 1 hour
  • 75 euros
  • Zoom session


I write a resume from zero: I gather information and transform your experience and repertoire into a solid document package needed for a professional career: ・Structured CV ・Artistic CV ・Short bio All documents come in the most common and versatile formats - doc and pdf - so you can send them immediately and update the CVs when you reach a new milestone. YOUR VOICE TELLS A STORY. YOUR CV PROVES IT When evaluating, managers are not only looking for masterfulness and interpretation but also ethics, stamina, communication, and learning skills. All of that is in your resume: the roles you've performed, the colleagues you've worked with, the professionals who trusted you and invited you many times. FOCUS ON YOUR SINGING. NOT ON YOUR CV A singer has to be good at one thing: performing. You don't have to be good at CV writing, video making, or career planning. So it's only natural to delegate these things to someone who is trained for administrating and accompanying a career in arts. No more last-minute resume writing, hours of template searching, and endless questions like "should I mention my choir experience?". Focus on what really matters. GET 3 CVs IN 1 WEEK 1. Choose a date: at least a week from now 2. Book&pay 3. Send me the info 4. Respond to additional questions 5. Zoom with me to see and discuss the CVs and plans: - what's in there, - how to make changes, - which of the three is to be used now, - how to proceed with your career 6. Receive all the documents + short written feedback on your videos + tips for future recordings Available in 3 languages! ・English ・Italian ・Russian

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