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Webinar | Portfolio improvement for opera singers 9th December, 17.00

  • 20 euros
  • Zoom session


72% of singers* have a badly organized CV. Whether it’s irrelevant information, poor writing, uncommon format, or simple messiness, the result is always the same: artists miss chances and are stuck on the same page. Add to that low-quality auditions’ videos, a malfunctioning website, and a Facebook page with blurry nights out photos, and you have a “We are sorry to announce that you have not passed” starter kit. Well, that’s a simplified version. The hardcore one is in the webinar. *Based on my experience in jury panel at InArt agency and FuoriOpera company It is okay not to know how to create a portfolio. But it’s a shame to have a bad one A portfolio is the first impression you make whether online or offline. A CV builds trust: professionals have chosen you before. The videos present your qualities and hide your weaknesses. The photos give the idea of your image and coherent physique du rôle, and social media facilitate networking. The website indeed is a summary of it all. If one ingredient doesn’t work perfectly for you, then it works against you. And you lose possibilities. Make your portfolio work and start to work! To improve your portfolio, find out what are the most common audition materials mistakes, and how to avoid them. Clean your resume from irrelevant information like a voice subtype - that’s quite a popular error - or a list of your teacher’s titles and jobs. Reshoot new videos where your figure is fully seen and there’s no editing, discover tiny tricks to present yourself professionally, and apply them all along your career path. Learn them now and don’t worry anymore about last-minute CV requests or an unexpected application deadline for which you have to remake your materials. After the ultimate portfolio reboot, you’ll only need to update your documents from time to time. With my insights, it’s gonna be a matter of a couple of minutes. PRESELECTIONS GREEN PASS webinar sum-up: - What is a portfolio - Why it is important - CV: types and errors - Videos: requirements and tips - Photos: do’s and dont’s - Social media: mistakes and consequences - Repertoire list: format and coherence - Recommendation letters: whom and when to ask - Website: when do you need it After the webinar, you will get the PDF file with the presentation, available also in Italian. Sign up till the 2nd of December and get a free PDF file with my tips on how to record a video! Improve your portfolio and relaunch your career!

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