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Q&A session

find the answers to your questions on opera education&career

  • 45 min
  • 30 euros
  • Zoom session


Q&A session is perfect for you if... ・you don't know where to start ・you have questions about the career of opera singer ・you have doubts about moving to Italy ・you are confused about opera industry ・you want to know more about the specific opportunity, and want me to evaluate it We can talk about: ・Italian educational opportunities: conservatoires, private teachers, academies, opera studios, masterclasses, YAPs. How they work, how to choose the right one, how much do they cost, and where to search for them ・Italian career opportunities: how to get an agent and the auditions for the theaters,; how to choose the right competition ・audition materials: which audition materials do you need and why ・social media&website for the self-promotion ・some visa and permit of stay aspects After the Q&A session... ・you will have the answers to the questions that were bothering you ・you will understand better how the opera industry works ・you will get the instruments that will help you design the strategy for your career ・you will understand if you need a more detailed consulting, and which option may suit you the best

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