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Auditions: why can't I pass?

In this post, I’ve gathered the most common reasons for not passing the auditions: from technique problems to behavior issues. This post is not to judge or to point at “losers”, it’s just to show what possibly may be wrong. So you can check where you are and try to change something if you feel stuck.

Often it is indeed just about subjectivity: there is no objectivity in art, so it all depends on juries’ tastes. If for some your voice or your body are “not good enough”, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it. Critics called Callas’ voice dull. Still, she had an amazing career.

Sometimes it is also related to connections and even corruption, but it’s 10 percent of all cases. So if you’re really fine, you’ll make it. If you lose all the time, then either you have the problems listed in the images, either the competition is too high (even if you’re good), either you choose wrong auditions: they are “way out of your league” or you have bad luck going to “all decided before it started” competitions. In this case, a consultant can help to evaluate your level and to suggest fair and suitable auditions.

If you have these problems, how do you deal with them? Let’s talk them through, so we can help each other and share tips and insights.

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