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How to write a structured CV + template

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Read this post to know what is a structured resume, when do you need it and how to make it work for you, so you can work for someone else.

This CV is a sum-up of your professional life: it should be well-structured, so make it clear with “readable” titles and columns. This way if a jury member is looking for specific qualifications or experiences, they are easy to find.


- name and surname

- voice type: no “dramatic coloratura” or “basso profundo”, just the type, as the juries may have a different opinion about specifics of your voice

- contacts: your number with international code, your address, and a “formal” mail (no, please)

- photo: in Europe, it is not compulsory, but in Italy it almost is. So better put it in. No selfies or beach photos, just nice artistic shots.

- opera experience section: opera, role, place, conductor, director, year

- concerts: same as for theater but with the concert/oratorio title. Prioritize performances with orchestra or at important venues.

- education: only musical education with institution names, degrees, and years. You may include short-termed programs and list your masterclasses in a new paragraph

! if you have done a lot of masterclasses, do not write the years to save the space

- awards: scholarships and prizes (or finales if it was an important competition and you don’t have any prizes yet)

- additional info: languages (Italian A1 – yes, “I understand Italian but can’t write” – no), stage movement, or performing arts classes in case you have extracurricular certificates, (sorry, A+ for acting doesn’t count)

Do not overwrite: no long sentences are needed, so make it 1 size page and bring it to auditions. It’s not required, but it helps to find specific info quickly, so juries like it, yay! I am not saying it melts their hearts, but neither turns them into stones.


here is the structured Opera CV template together with some additional tips that you can use:

Structured Opera CV template
Download DOCX • 149KB

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