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How to write a structured CV + template

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Read this post to know what is a structured resume, when do you need it and how to make it work for you, so you can work for someone else.

This CV is a sum-up of your professional life: it should be well-structured, so make it clear with “readable” titles and columns. This way if a jury member is looking for specific qualifications or experiences, they are easy to find.


- name and surname

- voice type: no “dramatic coloratura” or “basso profundo”, just the type, as the juries may have a different opinion about specifics of your voice

- contacts: your number with international code, your address, and a “formal” mail (no, please)

- photo: in Europe, it is not compulsory, but in Italy it almost is. So better put it in. No selfies or beach photos, just nice artistic shots.

- opera experience section: opera, role, place, conductor, director, year

- concerts: same as for theater but with the concert/oratorio title. Prioritize performances with orchestra or at important venues.

- education: only musical education with institution names, degrees, and years. You may include short-termed programs and list your masterclasses in a new paragraph

! if you have done a lot of masterclasses, do not write the years to save the space

- awards: scholarships and prizes (or finales if it was an important competition and you don’t have any prizes yet)

- additional info: languages (Italian A1 – yes, “I understand Italian but can’t write” – no), stage movement, or performing arts classes in case you have extracurricular certificates, (sorry, A+ for acting doesn’t count)

Do not overwrite: no long sentences are needed, so make it 1 size page and bring it to auditions. It’s not required, but it helps to find specific info quickly, so juries like it, yay! I am not saying it melts their hearts, but neither turns them into stones.

Find out how to write an artistic bio here


here is the structured Opera CV template together with some additional tips that you can use:

Structured Opera CV template
Download DOCX • 149KB

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